Post Partial Demolition, Puri's ‘Bada Danda’ Exhibits Uncluttered Look

05 September 2019


Puri: Amidst the hue and cry over demolition of residential and commercial buildings on the Bada Danda (Grand Road) in Puri, the district administration has released the latest pictures of the post eviction scenario.

In the four pictures which are making rounds in the social media, the periphery of the Sri Jagannath Temple appears to be spick and span and free from encroachment.

Sources in the district administration said, this was the appearance only after partial demolition. Once the activity is completed, the vicinity of the temple will be neat and render a sacred ambience all around.

Today some major commercial establishments of the Emaar Mutt within the Bania Patti and Khaja Patti were razed. BJP Leader Dr Sambit Patra toured the affected areas and had a discussion with the seers. Patra welcomed State Government's decision to secure and beautify the temple but said the decision was taken in haste.

However, the seat of the Mahant (Mahant Gaadi) remains untouched as per the authorities' commitment. Besides, the Bada Akhada mutt demolition was also not carried out today. On Tuesday, Bada Akhada mutt eviction was halted after strong opposition from monks.

Resentment is brewing in the Pilgrim Town after the district administration pulled down the 300-year-old Languli mutt and 900-year-old Emar mutt located within 75 metre from the holy shrine. There are plans to evict five more mutts in due course.