Practice Of Personal Hygiene Best Precaution Against Coronavirus

Bhubaneswar: Practice of personal hygiene is the best precaution against possible coronavirus infection.

“This virus cannot remain in the air for long, it will settle. When it settles down what is the chance of infection? Touching the place where the virus has settled with your hands and then touching your nose, mouth, etc is how you contract the virus. So we are asking people to practice personal hygiene. People should maintain a little distance from the patients,” informed Dr CBK Mohanty, Director of Medical Education & Training (DMET), Odisha speaking to reporters after a sensitization programme for Additional District Medical Officers (ADMOs) here today.

Dr Mohanty said because of the rise in awareness level among the people, they are scared over the coronavirus.

“This virus has been in existence in nature for long, at least since 1960 when it was officially identified. Because of the awareness among the people about the virus, people are in a state of panic,” he explained.

The DMET informed that today’s meeting of ADMOs was called to sensitize them.

“The patient should not be denied treatment. The patient must be adequately counseled, those patients needing isolation will be advised for isolation. The Kerala model isolation is good. Instead of being scared of coronavirus we should jointly fight it out.” stated Dr Mohanty.

“We have told people that their personal hygiene is the most important. They should clean their hands with soap, use a handkerchief while sneezing, maintain a little distance protect themselves as well as others,” said Principal Secretary of Health & Family Welfare Department Nikunja Bihari Dhal talking to reporters after the meeting.

Dhal informed that isolation wards have been set up in Capital Hospital and elsewhere and added that ADMOs were today advised to set up similar isolation wards wherever it is needed.

The Principal Secretary while asking people not to panic said that possibility of one having coronavirus infection in Odisha is remotest.

Dr CBK Mohanty, DMET, Odisha

Nikunja Bihari Dhal, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Dept, Odisha


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