Pradeep Panigrahy Lying After Expulsion From Party, Says BJD

Bhubaneswar: Former Odisha Minister and Gopalpur MLA Pradeep Panigrahy has been expelled from Biju Janata Dal (BJD) because of anti-people activities, BJD spokesperson Sulata Deo said today. Addressing a press conference here today, Deo said, “Panigrahy has been spitting venom in public and telling lies after his expulsion from the party.”

While the people of Ganjam were fighting COVID-19 pandemic, the Gopalpur MLA was flying on chatered aircrafts with IFS officer Abhay Kant Pathak’s family, said Deo, adding that the Panigrahy’s claims on Akash Pathak’s employment with Tata Motors are false.

“His bank transactions reveal that in the last six months Rs 2.50 crore has been transferred from people involved in sand and liquor trade. Besides, he has also duped people of Ganjam in lieu of providing employment in Tata Motors in connivance with Akash Pathak,” Deo added.

“For the proposed wedding of Akash Pathak and Pradeep Panigrahy’s daughter an amount in excess of Rs 15 crore was spent. From where did this money come? This money belongs to poor and daily wagers of Odisha which has been looted by Panigrahy. The law will take its own course in this case,” Deo further stated.

Sulata Deo, Spokesperson, BJD