Pratap Sarangi Rakes Up Controversy, Says India’s History Needs Rewriting

Bhubaneswar: Union Minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi has courted controversy by claiming that India’s history has been presented in a distorted manner and it should dumped and rewritten.

Sarangi made the statement while speaking at a function here on Wednesday.

“India’s history has been presented in a distorted manner by those afflicted by foreigners in order to destroy the patriotism and pride of Indians. The sooner it is dumped and changed the better,” the Union Minister said.

Citing examples he said that attempts have been made to create differences between Hindus and Sikhs, between North Indian and South Indian languages.

“These are distorted facts, distorted thinking, all Indian languages are based on Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the link language of all Indian languages,” he explained.

“Attempts are being made to teach faulty history and create cowards. The entire history is distorted. The sooner it is rewritten, the better; otherwise it will be difficult to save our tribe,” he added.

Sarangi claimed, “The theory that Indians had come from the shores of Caspian Sea is a baseless imagination. This imagination has caused infinite damage to our country”.

“The perception that some people are indigenous people and all the rest are foreigners, there is no bigger lie in the world than this because intermixing of blood dates back to Vedic times. Bhagwan Vyasa Deva’s mother was from the fishing community, she was not a harijan, she was an adivasi and his father was Parashar rishi-a brahmin,”he explained.

Sarangi said that both brahmins and adivasis have equal rights over vedic literature.  

Senior Congress leader and Jatni MLA Suresh Chandra Routray has questioned Sarangi’s knowledge on Odisha history.

“Who is Pratap Sarangi to speak on our history? He is a man from Nilagiri.They was supporting the Britishers by siding with the king,” Routray remarked.

Biju Janata Dal (BJD) vice president Debi Mishra said, “Sarangi is a learned person but why should India’s history be called as the history of cowards? It’s a debatable thing somebody might be saying that from his own perspective. But then history is history. Well certain things have not found mention in history as in the case of Odisha which being a maritime power despite anthropological, historical and literary evidence to support, has not been duly acknowledged; so more research need to be done to bring out hitherto hidden facts of history.”

Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Union Minister

Suresh Chandra Routray, Senior Congress Leader

Debi Mishra, Vice President, BJD