Prices Of Non-Veg Items Soar For Chhadakhai

Bhubaneswar: With the end of holy month of Kartika comes the day of Chhadakhai which is celebrated by people of Odisha with the consumption of non-vegetarian food.

The meat and fish market which had worn a deserted look during Kartika is now crowded with all kinds of non-vegetarian food items to please the carnivore’s palate.

As people throng the market to buy their favourite edibles, the prices of the items have also soared taking the cost up by Rs 40 to Rs 250 per kilogram.

While Rohu and Catla (Bhakura) fish which were earlier available at 200 and 250 rupees per kg are now sold at 240 and 300 rupees per kg, the price of Pamphlet and Hilsa (Ilish) fish has soared from Rs 800 per kg to Rs 1000 per kg.

The price of mutton has soared from Rs 500 per kg to Rs 650 per kg, price of chicken from Rs 160 per kg to Rs 220 per kg and price of crab from Rs 1000 per kg to Rs 1250 per kg. Varieties of prawn earlier available at Rs 350, 400 and 450 per kg are now sold at Rs 400, 450 and 500 per kg.



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