Prioritise Disseminating Information On Citizen-Centric Services, Adhere To 5T Charter: I&PR Secy Exhorts Colleagues

Bhubaneswar: Senior IAS officer Bishnupada Sethi who took over as the Secretary of the Information and Public Relations Department recently is working on mission mode to bring about a positive change in the process of information dissemination.

Sethi sought the cooperation of this team to ensure that information on citizen-centric services of the State Government should reach out to the masses seamlessly.

“Work done by our Information Officers over the years has been very impressive. However, we must ensure to keep abreast of developments in different Departments, Tahasils, Blocks, and Gram Panchayats. Being IOs we cannot afford to remain oblivious of the happenings,” said Sethi, in a message to his team.

The I&PR Secretary highlighted on best practices like taking notes, collecting power point presentations, and consulting officials, before preparing press releases. An interaction always helps when there is a query on technical matters, he said, adding that Information Officers should bridge excellent contacts with media groups.

“For our Department (I&PR), taking clips from newspaper for our repository will not help in the long run. We are expected to be educated of the developments around us,” he added.

“We must proactively prepare briefings for the media by observing various developments, participating in high-level meetings, collecting and analysing facts, data and drafting positive stories on the impact of various Government programs/ schemes/ policies/ decisions in consultation with senior officials,” said Sethi.

Laying down the priorities, Sethi said, Under Mo- Sarkar, citizens’ feedback is hallmark of governance in Odisha. Disseminating information on the citizen-centric services to people at grassroots level will be our first and foremost priority.”

“We should strive to improve the channels of communication further so that public remain up-to-date on what the Government is doing for them and the Government gets a clear idea on people’s response to its initiatives. There will be greater use of technology for the two-way communication.”

Sethi added that people need to be sensitized and empowered through information to bring complete benefit of Government programmes.

He exhorted the Department personnel to adhere to 5T Principles – Transparency, Technology, Team Work, and Timeliness, which are the tools to bring further Transformation.

“The I&PR Department will strive to highlight the Government’s achievements, schemes and programmes for with 5-T approach. We must try to enhance people’s participation through regular dissemination of information on Government objectives,” he added.