Public Bicycle Sharing Project In Smart City Bhubaneswar Soon

**Bhubaneswar:** Easy to book, low cost and no pollution would be the three in-things of the city-wide Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) project, which is ready to roll, very soon as the cycles for PBS project have started arriving in the city.

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has awarded the tender to the three respective companies i.e. Hexi Bikes (1,000 numbers) and Yaana and Yulu Bikes (500 numbers) each.

While Hexi Bikes, a product of Hero Cycles will have 1,000 cycles under the PBS, Yaana and Yulu will have 500 each. The PBS would also ensure a healthy alternative to the city residents and also a possible green mode of transport for the visitors coming to the city for travelling, informed BSCL officials.

The bicycles will be robust in built and structure and smooth for riding on city roads. The cycles will also be digitally mapped based on global positioning system (GPS) locations and will provide Mobile App based services to users to locate and use a bicycle.

What is unique about the bikes is that the ones used in the PBS system shall be of low-frame structure so that women wearing ”sarees’’ can also ride them. Adjustable seat height will make the bike easy to use by majority age groups like kids and students.

Anuj Malhotra, PBS Expert with BSCL informed, “Important aspect is to connect the ‘Sources’ to ‘Destinations’ and therefore bike stations shall be found within residential areas as well as on main streets so that people can start and get back to their homes on a bicycle”.

BSCL is also developing bike stations across the city, integrated with Bus Queue Shelters (BQS) to provide common infrastructure for the multi-operator model. All the deployment and implementations will be completed before Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup-2018. The docking stations for cycles would cover all areas including heritage area and Info City.

The bicycles will also be fitted with smart locks, which can be opened through mobile application by the users. The PBS users will be categorised into two types, i.e. members and non-members. For the first 30 minutes for members there would be no charge. However, after 30 minutes there will be charges as per the fee structure. The non-members, of the PBS system, however, have to furnish a minimal charge for the first 30 minutes as well.

And with this, Bhubaneswar is all set to become greener and healthier before the Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup with this new way of transport.

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