Puintala Block Vice-Chairperson Arrested For Manhandling Assistant Engineer

Balangir: The Vice-Chairperson of Puintala Block, Raghunath Gurandi has been arrested on charges of manhandling Assistant Engineer Narendra Naik after the latter refused to support him in his illegal activities.

It was after Puintala Block Development Officer (BDO) Rabinarayan Acharya, apprised Balangir Collector Chanchal Rana about the activities of Gurandi, Puintala Police arrested the Vice-Chairperson.

Gurandi had earlier been arrested for abducting the then BDO Saroj Kumar Mishra in March 2019.

BDO Acharya, in his letter to the Collector had mentioned that Gurandi, by virtue of powers entrusted to him is creating such a terror atmosphere in the Block for which it is unable on the part of the Block administration to run the day to day Government affairs smoothly and people’s friendly.

Gurandi always behaves the BDO, AE and staff members like subordinate and compels to do as per his direction. He is always threatening the officials of the Block and intimidating them to act as per his whims and caprices, Acharya added.

Acharya further mentioned that all these are happening on the ground of execution of developmental works and moreover the rift between the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson in this regard is worsening the matter severely.