Puri: 2 Detained For Entering Gundicha Temple Dressed As Servitors

Puri: Two people have been detained by the Kumbharpada police for allegedly entering the Gundicha temple while dressed up as servitors.

They have been identified as Abhijit Mohanty of Kumbharpada area and Smruti Ranjan Mohanty of Markandeshwar Temple area.

As per reports, the duo took the guise of servitors and entered the temple during Mangala Aarati. They were stopped at the Singhadwara or the entry point and enquired if they have the negative COVID-19 test reports. The imposters are said to have even produced their reports.

Kumbharpada Police is probing their entry and also how they attained the test reports.

The holy siblings- Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra, entered the Adapa Mandap of the Gundicha temple on the afternoon of June 24. After much speculations, the Rath Yatra was successfully completed a day ago on June 23. Upon spending the night in their respective chariots, the idols were traditionally ushered into the temple which is their temporary abode.

As mandated by the Supreme Court, no devotees took part in the chariot pulling. In continuation, devotees have also been barred to pay a visit to the lords in the Gundicha temple.

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