Puri Bahuda Yatra 2020: Pahandi Of Holy Trinity Begins

Puri: After a temporary stay of nine days at Gundicha temple, the holy trinity’s return journey or Bahuda Yatra was kickstarted as the deities made their way to their individual chariots in a ceremonial procession ritual called the Pahandi.

The return journey follows the same protocol and schedule, as is found during the Ratha Yatra.

In Bahuda Yatra too the procession occurs in Dhadi Pahandi or movement of the idols in a group. In this kind of procession, the deities take rest whenever required during the journey to their respective chariots. All the deities move simultaneously one after the other in close succession.

Lord Sudarshan, considered to be the pilot god, leads the ceremonial procession as per the religious tradition. He is followed by the Lord Balabhadra, then Devi Subhadra and lastly Lord Jagannath are taken out from their temporary abodes.

Just like Rath Yatra this year was celebrated sans devotees, so is the Bahuda Yatra as the Supre Court guidelines. Only servitors and police personnel whose COVID-19 test reports came negative have been allowed to be present in the temple premises or near the chariots. 500 servitors each will be pulling the chariots.

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