Puri Beautification And Security Drive Justified, Say People In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: While the State Government has taken some major steps towards beuatification of the area around Puri Jagannath Temple, people in general have welcomed the step.

OMMCOM NEWS team interacted with a group of people in the city along with the leaders of various political parties. They were of the opinion that the steps taken by the Government is productive and justified. However, they added that the rehabilitation process should be expedited so that the displaced people do not suffer.

Kantabanji MLA and senior Congress leader Santosh Singh Saluja welcomed the beautification drive. “I welcome the steps taken by the Government. Puri is our pride, any step taken to beautify the town and make it more secure deserves a compliment. But the Government should be conscious towards the rights of the people who are displaced.”

MLA Kishore Tarai said that the Chief Minister has taken a bold decision and convinced the people in the town. “This is a welcome step. Puri is a religious and tourist place. The steps taken towards making the place more attractive and devotional is welcome. Puri is a coastal town. We cannot deny the fact there is a threat to the town which has a distinct identity in Hindu religion.”

“We want the development of the Puri temple. However, everyone, all stakeholders should be involved in the discussions and then a step should be taken in the direction of rehabilitation,” said BJP leader Pradip Purohit.

The general public are of the opinion that the amount announced by the Chief Minister for development of the city and rehabilitation of the displaced will suffice. “The pilgrim town is linked to the sentiments of one and all. We should not compromise with the security and beautification of Puri at any cost,” the public said.

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