Puri Govardhan Peetha’s Bimala Temple Donation Box Looted

**Puri:** In spite of tight security at the Govardhan Peetha here, some miscreants reportedly broke open the main door and flee with the donation box of Bimala temple inside in the wee hours of Friday night.

Govardhan Peetha spokesperson, Manoj Rath informed, “The priests noticed the donation box broken and thrown behind the temple when he came to the temple in the morning. We informed the police immediately and they are investigating the matter.”

“The surprising part is that the theft happened despite of CCTV cameras and tight security arrangements”, he added.

The amount stolen is not known but is suspected to be in lakhs of rupees.

The Samudrakula police have reached the spot and started a probe in the matter. They have also started to examine the CCTV footage and hope to nab the culprits soon.

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