Puri Police, Hoteliers Hold Meet For Tourists’ Safety, Security, Covid Compliance

Puri: In a bid to ensure the safety and security of the tourists visiting the world-renowned pilgrim city as well as compliance of the Covid guidelines, a coordination meeting with the hotel owners was presided over by SP Kanwar Vishal Singh today at the District Police Office (DPO) here.

As per a press note released by the Puri Police, the meeting was attended by all town IICs, City DSP and other senior police officers and emphasis was laid on Covid guidelines and compliance, safety and security of the tourists inside hotel, CCTV, fire safety, life guards at the beach and pool as well as behavioural aspects.
The significant meeting also discussed on parking places and traffic congestion related issues.

The hoteliers were also asked to intimate the local police station about the daily occupancy in their respective hotels and observance of various other statutory guidelines by the hotel managements.

The press note also informed that all the hotel owners were sensitized and requested to contact the local police in case of any exigency and especially on the issue of Dada Batti (extortion). Prompt police response and action was assured.

A Whatsapp group was also planned to be formed police station wise to have free flow of information between the police and the Hirak Management (hoteliers).

The hotel owners’ association expressed their views on various issues and assured to extend full support to the police and it was decided to have such meeting every quarter to discuss various issues on regular basis.
Talking to media, Puri Hotel Owners’ Association president Ramakrushna Das Mohapatra said, “The SP had convened the meeting today for the safety and security of the tourists. All our hoteliers attended and detailed discussions were held. It was all good and positive.”

He informed, “It was discussed how each tourist should be shown good behaviour and hospitality so that they go back with fond memories. The parking issue and objectionable behaviour shown by the auto-rickshaw drivers were also discussed. It has been decided to implement pre-paid provisions. Various aspects were touched today.”

On the allegation of harassment meted out to the tourists, he defended, “There are a limited number of hoteliers in our association. All hotel owners in the city aren’t members of our association. For instance, holiday homes, guest houses and other hotels are not our members for which our association wouldn’t be held responsible. If they all wish to be our members, we’ll definitely welcome them. Those who will abide by the rules and regulations of our association, those hotel owners will be made our members.”

Puri Toshali Sands MD T Banambar Patra said, “The SP had invited all the owners of hotels and lodging houses. The meeting aimed at maintaining of discipline in Puri town. The SP narrated on the significance of ‘atithi devo bhava’ (guests are akin to God). We have requested him for providing us with police protection from ‘goonda gardi’ (hooliganism & threats from ant-social elements).”

“Stress was laid today on the harassment of tourists. The hoteliers should seriously think that the hotels survive due to the tourist place here. Hence, all the hoteliers should try to enhance the dignity and glory of Puri. The traffic management, proper identification of parking locations and full support of the hoteliers was also the main agenda of the meeting today,” he further

Ramakrushna Das Mohapatra, President, Puri Hotel Owners’ Association

T Banambar Patra, MD, Toshali Sands, Puri