Puri Temple Closed For Secret Ritual

Bhubaneswar: The Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri had been closed for devotees till 3 pm today due to the conduct of the secret ‘senapata lagi’ ritual.

The ritual is performed to protect the body of the Lords during their Pahandi Bije (procession) to the Snana Mandap (bathing altar).

During the ‘senapata lagi’ ritual, the Daitapati servitors apply a paste made of Baula Katha (piece of wood of Baula tree) to the body of the deities.

Owing to the ritual, general darshan had been restricted and the four gates of the temple were closed. It was after a discussion between Collectors and servitors, that devotees were able to get a glimpse of Patitapabana as Singhadwara was reopened.