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Puri Woman Dies At SCB, Was Ferried To Cuttack On Trolley By Desperate Husband

Bhubaneswar: A woman who had travelled from Sakhigopal in Puri to SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack for treatment succumbed today afternoon. The woman was ferried through the 90 kilometre stretch by her husband Kabir, on a hired trolley rickshaw.

Kabir was unable to arrange an ambulance for the transport from Puri to Cuttack, reports stated. His sick wife Sukanti was undergoing treatment at Puri district headquarters hospital. He decided to shift her to SCB Cuttack on the advice of doctors, as Sukanti’s condition deteriorated.

The man tried his best to arrange an ambulance but failed. An auto-rickshaw was charging Rs 1,200 till Cuttack, which was a big deal for Kabir. He finally decided to hire a trolley rickshaw to move Sukanti to SCB.

The Emergency Officer of SCB Medical College and Hospital, Dr Bhubanananda Maharana informed about Sukanti’s death today afternoon. She was suffering from critical health ailments, he said.


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