Quintals of fish fall prey to pollution, carcasses teeming up

**Paradip**: The mass deaths of around 3 quintal fishes in Paradip’s Bata river near Balijhara basti has come as a shocking and unprecedented happening in the periphery of the port city.

The locals started noticing the carcasses on Saturday morning and collected the dead fishes. The officials from the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) and the Fisheries Department rushed to the spot.

“It is due to the pollution of river water, that the fishes are unable to survive”, said Prasant Kar, the regional officer of OSPCB.

Notably, the wastes from PPL fertilizer plant are dumped in Bata river. Moreover, a dry fish treatment factory nearby disposes its chemical wastes in it.

The officials of the Fisheries Department have collected and taken the samples to investigate into this matter.

These are signs of ill-effects of rising industrialization for which the price being paid by the fishes, fish lovers and the local fisherman community.

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