R-Value In Odisha Is Below 1 So No Sign Of Third Wave, Says DMET

Bhubaneswar: Since the R-value of Covid-19 in Odisha is below one we should expect that there won’t be a third wave in the State, stated Director, Medical Education & Training Dr CBK Mohanty.

“A wave is said to have set in when the R-value is more than one. Till now in Odisha R-value is yet to touch one so how can we say that the third wave arrived. Is R-value above one in all States or there is an upward trajectory? We are still on a downward trajectory with a very low number. So we should expect that there is no third wave,” said Dr Mohanty speaking to reporters here today.

Dr Mohanty said that during the second wave the predominance of the Delta variant of the Covid virus was seen in 120 countries, so also is the case here.

Commenting on the Covid scenario in the State, the DMET stated that there has been some improvement in the situation as compared to that of a month and a half back.

The number of infections has significantly declined in comparison to that of a month or so earlier, he added.

“R-value is reflected when people come in contact with each other. If we remain vigilant, stop crowding, maintain social distancing and use masks; there won’t be infection irrespective of whatever is the R-value,” explained Dr Mohanty.

The DMET was of the view that under the current circumstances, for livelihood purposes movement of people or human dynamics is very essential.

“For how long can we lock them up. We have to keep an eye them. Those who are symptomatic have to be isolated and should not be allowed to move. It is our duty to detect them,” he said.

Dr Mohanty said that for prevention of Corona tracing and testing is most important.

He informed that every week the Additional Chief Secretary (Health) chairs a review meeting to take stock on testing and the government has been always in favour of increasing testing in order to identify and isolate the infected so that the infection doesn’t spread further.

What Is R-Value & What Does It Indicate?

An R-value or reproduction value indicates the speed at which Covid-19 infection is spreading.

R-value of 0.95 means, every 100 infected people on an average pass on the infection to 95 other individuals. If the R-value is lesser than one, it means the number of newly infected people is lower than the number of infected people in the preceding period which means the disease incidence is going down. The smaller the value of R, the faster the disease is on the decline.

Conversely, if R is greater than one, then the number of infected people is increasing in each round — technically, this is what is called the epidemic phase.

The bigger the number is than one, the faster the rate of spreading of the disease in the population.