“Raahgiri” Renamed “Pathotsav”

**Bhubaneswar: ** Sunday fun with a vehicle free road is back with a different name,”Pathotsav”.

The second phase of the much awaited ‘Raahgiri’ sundays is all set to begin from November 27 with yoga, painting, skating, singing, skating, cycling and lots of fun on the streets of the capital city.

Earlier, the residents were asked to send their proposals through social media to suggest a new name for ‘Raahgiri’.

From January 17, the Raahgiri day was started and observed on 27 Sundays but it was suspended during the monsoons as the rains were a spoilsport in the fun activities.

In this phase of ‘Pathostsav’, there will be a talent hunt and storytelling sessions which would be co-ordinated by Ollywood personalities such as Akash Das Nayak and Anu Choudhury.

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