Rail Roko At Rengali Railway Station, Train Services Disrupted

Rengali: Local residents under the banner of Rengali Nagarik Kriyanustan Committee staged a rail roko at Rengali Railway Station in Sambalpur district on Friday which led to disruption in train services with the Rourkela Bhubaneswar Intercity COVID-19 Special Train (2861) stalled at the station for over two hours.

The protest commenced at around 7.30 AM today demanding stoppage of Dhanbad-Alleppey Express at the railway station. While the Dhanbad-Alleppey Express used to have a stoppage at Rengali Railway Station earlier, it does not stop at the station now.

Members of the Rengali Nagarik Kriyanustan Committee had visited the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Pradeep Kumar, at Sambalpur a few days back and put forth their demands before him. But as the DRM expressed his helplessness, the committee staged the rail roko today.