Rare Fish Caught Near Paradip, Attracts Hundreds Of Enthusiasts

Paradip: Three rare fishes of a kind were caught by local fishermen here at Balipat of Attharbanki here in Paradip. While the fish belongs to the deep sea, its capture is said to be a chance encounter.

The fish locally called ‘Panikua’ or ‘Kau’ has a pointed mouth just like crane’s beak and each of them weigh more than 1.5 quintal. The fish is said to have great demand outside Odisha and is sold at Rs 70-80/kg.

Yesterday, a few fisher folk were out in the sea for fishing when the rare fish was caught in their net. They were brought back to Balipat today morning.

The news spread like wildfire and soon a crowd gathered which just wanted to have a look at this rare capture. This was the first time that such a fish was caught.

The fish was sent off to Kerala today where it is said to have a very high demand.


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