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Rayagada IITian Digitizes ‘Soura Lipi’ To Restore Tribe’s Vanishing Cultural Heritage

Rayagada:   In a bid to restore the eroding cultural heritage of the primordial Soura tribe’s rich cultural heritage, an IITian here has digitized the promising ‘Soura Lipi’ (the tribe’s typical language). The Soura tribes chiefly inhabit adjoining Ganjam and Rayagada districts in southern Odisha.

The aim and objective of this digitization is to aid the worldwide knowledge-pursuers gain an in-depth insight into the tribe’s way of life as well as their trials and tribulations.

Such a laudable effort has successfully been made by Rayagada-based IITian Sony Salma Priyadarshini who has pursued her studies on Industrial Design at Mumbai IIT.

In her media interaction, Salma informed that she had initiated the digitization of ‘Soura Lipi’ assisted by her IIT guide Prof Giri Satalave during Mumbai IIT days. Prior to this, she had made a research on Mangei Gamang’s Soura alphabet and prepared 18 consonants and 7 vowels. Now, she has digitized 25 consonants and 10 vowels of the glorious Soura language.

Sony Salma Priyadarshini, IITian, Rayagada


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