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Real Life Hero: Kendrapara's BJD Candidate Anubhav Mohanty Clears Traffic Jam To Help Pregnant Woman

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09 April 2019


Kendrapara: Amidst the fight of reel life hero versus real life hero, actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty has proved to be the latter. On Monday, the Kendrapara candidate of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) was on a campaign trail when he noticed a pregnant woman in an auto-rickshaw stuck in traffic congestion.

The incident occurred at around 11.30 am when Anubhav was headed towards Tinimuhani area with a sea of supporters. Hundreds of fans turned up to see their favorite actor gearing up to fight the polls and serve the public. As a result of this, there was traffic congestion on Duhuria to Tinimuhani road.

At this time, Anubhav noticed a pregnant woman seated in an auto-rickshaw trying to navigate her way through the jam to reach the Kendrapara District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) on time. The expectant mother was praying for the traffic to disperse in order to avoid any health complication.

On seeing this, Anubhav immediately got down from his car and started clearing the way. With the BJD flag tied to his wrist, he joined his hands and pleaded some drivers to make way. While many fans lined up to take selfies, Anubhav asked them to wait as he was determined to help the lady first.

After several minutes, the traffic dispersed and the auto navigated to the DHH without any difficulty. Fans cheered and praised Anubhav hailing him as a 'real life hero'.