Received A Campus Placement? How To Know If It Is Real Or Fake?

**Bhubaneswar:** With the job placement scam exposed in the capital city, many students are in a state of shock and several questions have popped up in the minds of the students. They have a dream to get a job as soon as possible when they approach towards the end of their term. They have blind faith on the placement cell, so any placement drive comes in the college, they attend it.

Some colleges, in a bid to make their placement records better and to attract new scholars for 1st year enrollment, allegedly organize fake campus drives in colleges or as they claim, are duped in the name of companies. But, is it possible that college placement cell is unaware of this fraud? What happens to those firms who organize these types of fraud drives?

Here are few tips helping students judge whether the drive is a fake or not.

1: Some companies ask for a particular amount of money to be paid by the candidates towards bond. It should be clear that none of the genuine companies ask to pay towards bond. Beware of such firms. Some of them even ask you to sign a bond paper. Make sure that you read each and every clause properly and understand it before signing. If there is any doubt regarding the meaning of a word, use dictionary? Every legitimate company would give enough tim to go through the contract and understand it properly.

2: The placement consultants us the term ‘back door entry’ promising the candidates that they would be placed in big companies paying a huge amount of money. Don’t ever try this method as it is a TRAP.

3: Never go for companies who ask for the credit card details or any other bank related information. The genuine companies only ask for PAN card and account number for your salary.

4: Do a detailed search from the website which is displayed in the placement drive notice. Find out the details when it was created. If the website is created recently, then you know the reason. There may also be some fake website names which resemble the actual website domain. So, search properly if anything is under suspicion.

5: Make sure the copyright year at the bottom of the website page is up-to-date.

6: If there is a placement drive in your college, you can enquire about it with the company’s registered office. They would be happy to answer your queries as their credibility is an important factor for them if someone recruits with their name.

7: Every reputed company has ‘About Us’ page. One should go through it and see whether the details regarding the company such as biography and photograph of the founder, press releases, financial information if the company is publicly traded, recent job listings, etc. Smaller companies website also possess more or less information regarding their company.

8: Go to Contact Us page, copy and paste the address in Google to find information. If you do not find any information, you should be worried about the company’s identity.

9: Is their Facebook page up to date and active? If a website has a Facebook page, visit the page to see how often they update the page. Same applies for twitter handle.

10: Taking advantage of the issues faced by students and also of colleges who want to have a tag of “Record Placement in the area”, some ill-thinking firms have put their concentration of organizing fake campus drives in colleges. So students and college authorities should be vigilant enough not to be entrapped in their agenda.