Resentment Across State On Koraput Collector’s Dress Code Diktat

**Bhubaneswar**: Resentment is brewing among the people and officials of the district and all across the State regarding the dress code diktat issued by V.J Kumar, Collector of Koraput district.

The bizarreness of the incident came into notice when some of the staff of his office, under anonymity informed the media persons about it.

The notice, a computer printout was pasted on the walls of the Collector’s office, directing both the government officials and the public to meet the Collector in proper dress imposing a ban on jeans and t-shirt.

Besides, the notice also warned the visitors to keep mobile phones switched off or on silent mode while meeting the District Collector.

In response to such a report highlighted in media, former Collector of the district Arabinda Padhee has tweeted, “As ex-Collector of d Dist, I’ve seen many young tribals wearing Jeans/T-shirts; & why not? The order is inappropriate.”

“Tribals did not follow a dress code earlier. They simply put on the traditional dhoti. Now when the youth has taken up jeans, t-shirts as their dress-up code, the Collector is just pushing them backward instead of encouraging them. It is a very foolish step taken up by him,” said Bhawani Shankar Mishra, a social worker and President, Press Club, Koraput district in his reaction to the notice.

“The Collector can apply this dictum for his staffers, not the public,” remarked Koraput Municipality President, Bhagwan Bahini Pati.

“Is he dictating Taliban’s rule over here? Let him provide formal and conventional dresses to everyone in the district if he wants such an order to be followed,” said Santosh Sarangi, a lawyer in Koraput on behalf of the lawyers’ association.

A staff member of the Collector’s office, on conditions of anonymity, said: “This kind of order is not acceptable. We live in a free country. ”

When asked for responses of the teenagers from the Smart City, “I think the Collector have lost his mind. Being stationed in a tribal pocket, I think he has not come across people wearing jeans and t-shirts. Even the older persons feel comfortable in this outfit,” said Gaurav Singh Sandhu, a 1st year BBA student in Amity International, Bhubaneswar.

“This is wrong. The Collector is nobody to decide as to who will wear what. People go to him for the redressal of their grievances, not to show off their dress code,” remarked Komal Agarwal, a 12th class Humanities student from DPS, Kalinga.


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