Rituals Schedule Of Nagarjuna Besha Approved

Puri: The schedule for the holy Kartik month and Nagarjuna Besha rituals have been approved, informed Niti Prasasak (Administrator, Rituals), Jitendra Sahu, after a joint meeting of Chhattisa Nijog and Niti Sub-Committee on Thursday.

As per the schedule, the rituals for the rare Nagarjuna Besha is to commence at 4 AM on November 27. As per tradition, the deities will be dressed like warriors with golden attire and several weapons including arrows, bows, Hala (plough), Chakra (wheel) and Musala (mace) during the Nagarjuna Besha.

The entry of devotees to the temple for darshan of the Nagarjuna Besha has been restricted due to the COVID-19 situation. However, steps will be taken to ensure that all devotees get Mahaprasad without any hassles at both the south and north gates of the temple, said Sahu.

Jitendra Sahu, Niti Prasasak, Jagannath Temple