Road Accidents & Deaths Reduce With Implementation Of MV Act, Lockdown: Odisha Min

Bhubaneswar: The strict implementation of the Amended Motor Vehicles Act (MV Act) from September 2019 followed by the COVID-19 Lockdown has led to a steep reduction in the number of road accidents and subsequent deaths.

A report from the Transport Department said that after implementation of the new MV Act from September 1, 2019, till the end of December, Odisha witnessed a sharp reduction in the number of accidents by 355, i.e. a reduction of -9.93 per cent. Accordingly, road deaths too reduced by 201 or -12.29 per cent. The data is in comparison to the same time period of the previous year.

Later in 2020, during Lockdown and because of strict regulation prior to that, road accidents further reduced. Coming to numbers, in between January-March 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 accidents plummeted by 177 or -5.78 per cent and deaths lowered by 227 or -14.36 per cent.

State Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera asserted the same while briefing the media persons.


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