Road Mishaps Drop By 15% In Last 3 Months: Odisha DGP

Bhubaneswar: Enforcement of MV Act rules has resulted in  a 15% drop in road accidents in Odisha in the last three months and as a result of that people are safe, said DGP (In-charge), Satyajit Mohanty, here today.

The DGP (In-charge) claimed that the objective behind the imposition of higher fines is the enforcement of traffic rules so that people are safe. 

Neither the police nor the Transport department imposes penalties as a duty but as a social responsibility so that people are safe and road mishaps are reduced, he clarified.

Mohanty said that Odisha police will be stricter in its drive against drunken driving.

“Though Odisha police’s enforcement was not that strict, its drive against drunken driving has been continuing in every district. On average every day nearly 100 people are arrested on this account and around 3000-3500 people are tested for drunken driving. This will continue and will be stringently enforced,” the DGP (In-charge) said.

Mohanty pointed out that the drive has borne fruits with the reduction in the number of accidents and added that rising of awareness level among the people has also brought a drop in the number of road accidents.

Satyajit Mohanty, DGP (In-charge), Odisha


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