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Vigilant Capital Cops Save Mother From Mentally-Deranged Son’s Murder Bid

Bhubaneswar:  The Commissionerate Police officials today evinced their laudable tact and calibre in handling an untoward incident when a mentally-deranged son attempted to slit the throat of his mother in public glare along the Sachivalaya Marg before the Lok Seva Bhawan (State Secretariat) and Assembly campus.

Even amid the ongoing COVID restrictions and the Legislative Assembly in session, the youth resorted to a high drama by allegedly threatening to kill his hapless mother brandishing a knife on her neck.

As the area is well-guarded all around due to the Monsoon Session of Assembly, vigilant police personnel handled the situation very patiently and successfully saved the mother.

Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash told media, “I’ve myself interrogated the mother-son duo. Both hail from Nayagarh area. They had come here for medical purpose last night. The Sachivalaya Marg is open for all, not restricted area. The mother and son were walking along. The Eastern Gate, where our security forces are deployed and also the media fraternity stay put there, the duo halted there. All of a sudden, the son pulled up a knife from his beg and placed it on his mother’s neck.”

He also informed, “Our police officials handled the situation with the utmost care and rescued the woman. Very soon we are sending the boy to hospital. Preliminary investigation reveals that he urgently needs mental treatment and we are doing the needful accordingly.”

Responding to further media query, the DCP ruled out any lapses in the three-layer security arrangement.
“The boy is conversing incoherently. His mother has also confirmed it in her statement that he is under treatment and on regular medication,” said he.

Umashankar Dash, DCP, Bhubaneswar


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