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RTOs To Facilitate New Vehicle Registrations During Laxmi Puja Holidays

Cuttack: The State Transport Authority (STA) has directed all the RTOs (regional transport offices) to remain facilitate registration of new vehicles even during the upcoming Laxmi Puja holidays from October 30 to November 1.

In its Office Order, the STA has directed that the Registration Section of all RTOs shall remain open on 31.10.2020 from 3 pm to 5 pm to receive the registration documents from dealer and allotment of registration number.

“The RTOs shall make necessary roster arrangement accordingly and also shall intimate to all dealers under their jurisdictions regarding such facility. It is to further inform you that, for smooth disposal of dealer point registration and approval, you can do it from home for all three days,” underlines the STA.

It also warns, “In no case the dealers should deliver any new motor vehicle violating Rule-42 of CMV Rule 1989, without registration and without affixing HSRP number plate. All RTOs are instructed to check the dealer premises and ensure that, no vehicle is delivered without registration and affixing HSRP. In case the dealer is delivering the vehicles without registration, without affixing HSRP, then steps shall be taken for cancellation or suspension of the trade license of the dealer.”


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