SAI International Group Wins World Education Awards 2018 At 12th World Education Summit

**Bhubaneswar:** The SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) won the prestigious ‘World Education Award 2018’ for its Educational Excellence.

While SAI International School was awarded for its ‘Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning’, SIRS was bestowed with the award for being an ‘Emerging School’.

The awards were received by Chairman, SAI international Group, Dr Bijoy K Sahoo, at the 12th World Education Summit held at New Delhi on Friday, August 10, 2018.

The World Education Summit is the premier international platform dedicated to innovation and creative action in education sector. It aims to recognise, highlight, honour and encourage leading models, projects, processes of excellence and sustainable innovation in school and higher education. 

The Summit was attended by Government Policy Makers, Leading Educationist from K-12, Higher Education Institutes as well as Foreign Universities. Dr Sahoo was one of the panel member of the Summit who discussed on “Setting up Indian Schools in International Markets and Vice Versa- Sharing Best Practices in Global Education and Investment Opportunities”.