Salute: Woman Wading Through Neck-Deep Water To Teach Kids

12 September 2019

Himansu Mohapatra

Dhenkanal: We all know that teachers play a vital role in helping kids achieve their worth. While many may shy away in case of a radical situation in life but Binodini is a case apart. This woman has been fighting against nature itself for 11 years to bring light to her students’ life through education.

Binodini Samal, who serves as a Gana Sikhyaka, has been wading through neck-deep; and sometimes waist-deep water, of Sapua River to reach her pupils at the Government-run Primary School of Rathiapal in Dhenkanal district.

The shocking part is that Binodini has not taken a single day of leave in all these years. This dedicated teacher has neither cared for bad weather nor for strong currents of the river. Her sheer will power made sure that the schools’ attendance has never dropped.

Neither expecting any award nor reward, she had managed to avoid the media’s glare for all these years. Binodini married her profession and devoted her whole life with the sole purpose of educating children of Rathiapal village.

The tiny village is hardly 70 km from the Capital city and yet it lacks proper road connectivity. The villagers assert that even a simple bridge would help lessen the gap and help make their lives easier.

While Binodini was appointed as a Gana Sikhyak in 2008; the State government is yet to regularize her job.

Rathiapal resident