‘Samaja’ – The Nerve Centre Of Journalism In Odisha, Says Venkaiah Naidu

Cuttack: ‘The Samaja’ has remained the nerve centre of journalism, intellectual pursuit, and social service in Odisha since its inception a century ago. The newspaper is considered to be of gold standard and elders of Odisha encourage their children to read Samaja to perfect Odia language, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said today.

Addressing an event on the 100th anniversary of popular Odia daily ‘The Samaja’, Naidu said, “Completion of 100 years is a significant milestone in the journey of an organisation. I am told that The Samaj took birth in 1919 as a weekly newspaper in Satabdi in Puri district, with the vision of informing, educating and empowering, the people of Odisha.”

“I applaud ‘The Samaja’ for trnascending its journalistic mandate and engaging the service of the poor and oppressed. I am happy to know that a major portion of its revenue is used for the welfare of people hit by calamities. It is indeed an example worth emulating for all across the country,” the Vice President said.

‘Utkal’ pradesh is a land of heritage, culture and tradition which is very ancient and rich. We as a society should always keep in mind that we are the torchbearers of a rich lineage. The same applies to media of Odisha, said Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal.

Comparing the credibility of Samaj with ‘Narad Muni’, the mythological character, Prof Lal said that nobody could ever question the transperancy, objectiveness and trust worthiness of Narad. People in the media industry should adhere to those principles and set examples in journalism.

“I myself subscribe Samaj and comprehend that man, science, nature and God has to be harmonised,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that media is like oxygen for democracy and the more it is independent the more strong is the democracy. “Samaj has witnessed a number of challenges in these 100 years of its existence. However, the institution has taken up every challenge as an opportunity,” said Naveen.

Samaj has battled every sort of competition and carved a niche for itself in all these years. “It is my strong belief that in the coming days, Samaj will tread the righteous path paved by Pandit Gopandhu Das and become even more successful, he added.

Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President, India

Prof Ganeshi Lal, Governor, Odisha

Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha


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