Samaleswari Express Mishap: Partial Cancellation & Diversion Of Trains

Bhubaneswar: In the wake of the Samaleswari Express fire mishap in which three persons were killed today, the East Coast Railway has announced partial cancellation and diversion of a few trains. The details:


18448 Jagadalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express from Jagadalpur on 25th June will run on diverted route via Koraput-Kottavalasa-Vizianagaram route bypassing Koraput-Rayagada-Vizianagaram Section.

Partial Cancellation:

18108 Jagadalpur-Rourkela Express from Jagadalpur today will run up to Laxmipur Road and will run as a passenger special from Laxmipur to Jagadalpur.

58301/58302 Sambalpur-Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger from Sambalpur on 25th & from Koraput on 26th June, 2019 will run between Sambalpur and Rayagada and will remain cancelled between Rayagada and Koraput from both the directions.

18005/18006 Howrah-Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express from Howrah on 24th and from Jagadalpur on 26th June, 2019 will run between Rayagada & Howrah and remain cancelled between Rayagada & Jagadalpur from both the directions.


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