Same Fake IB Report Had Been Shown During Karnataka Poll, Will Move EC Against BJP: BJD

**Bhubaneswar: ** In the wake of fake intelligence report claimed to be of State Special Branch Report shown by BJP at a press conference yesterday soon after BJD supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced to simultaneously contest from two seats this time, BJD today hit out at BJP alleging cheap politics and violation of the norms laid down by Election Commission of India.

Convening a press meet today, BJD spokesperson Pratap Deb argued, “During the Karnataka Assembly election in the near past, BJP had similarly presented such a letter at a press conference. It was said that the then Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was going to leave his parent seat and contest from one of the four seats there as recommended by the State Intelligence there. In Odisha case also four seats like Karnataka. Same tact has been adopted by BJP yesterday in Odisha also.”

“Most interesting to note is that this report is forgery. We can prove it. The letter number mentioned in the two different reports is same. In Karnataka report the letter number is mentioned SIB 364/2018. In Odisha report it is mentioned PD 364/2019. Can letter number be same-364? ‘Nakal me bhi akal chahiye’ (even copycat needs to be meticulously crafty),” the BJD spokesperson lampooned.

He futher mocked, “It never becomes an intelligence report if the Karnataka type letter has been procured, DTP done, signed and sealed. Hence, the general public of Odisha should know how the BJP is resorting to cheap politics and trying to misinform and confuse people by dint of lie and false documentation.”

The BJD Spokesperson also made it clear that there is no such SIB Political Desk in Odisha Police Special Branch. The DTP and format of both the letters match cent percent.

He stated, “We’re going to lodge our complaint with the Election Commission against BJP as the party would further resort to such tacts in gross violation of all the laws of the Election Commission. It’s a criminal conspiracy. We have also decided to apprise the Election Commission against the fake news to go viral on social media.”

On the contrary, Odisha BJP delegation led by its state level party vice-president Sameer Mohanty met the State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) here and demanded that the intelligence report in question should be examined at the Central Forensic Laboratory.

The party also demanded a high-level probe into it either by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) or Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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