Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik’s Final Tribute To Arabinda Muduli

**Puri:** His ‘bhajans’ dedicated to the Trinity, especially to Lord Jagannath, could even instill devotion in an atheist. So captivating and soothing was his voice that people stressed in worldly chores could find peace and start humming the unmatched lyrics self-scripted by the icon Arabinda Muduli.

He left for the heavenly abode today morning, and renowned sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik sculpted an eye-catching and lively portrait of the legendary vocalist on sand, at the Puri beach. Pattnaik’s tribute to Muduli was beautifully carved and bystanders in large numbers gathered to catch a glimpse of the sculpture.

The artist had embossed the lyrics of one of the famous Bhajans of Muduli on the structure – “Asuthili Srimandir Jauchi Mun Swargadwar” (I had come to the Jagannath Temple, Now heading towards Swargadwar). “It is my final tribute to the legendary singer whose demise has left a permanent void in the genre in which Muduli carved a niche for himself,” Pattnaik said.


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