Sand Pandal To Mesmerize Durga Puja Revellers In Balasore

Balasore: As Durga Puja is fast approaching, puja committees in Balasore like every year have geared up to construct pandals of the Goddess with mixed emotions of devotion and competition.

The puja committees and artisans challenge themselves each year to come out with pandals much innovative and attractive then the previous year. In view of this, around 20 pandals have been constructed in Balasore district and one among them is the sand pandal of Soro Thanachhak Puja Committee.

While artisans from Kolkata have been engaged to build the pandal with the use of sand, the total cost of the structure is estimated to be Rs 4 lakh. Besides sand, the artisans are using wood and ply for the final structure which will be ready within three days.

Prafulla Patra, Member, Soro Thanachhak Puja Committee


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