Savitri Puja Special: Know Why Transgenders Observe ‘Savitri Vrat’ In Odisha

**Cuttack:** When all the married women of Odisha prayed for the well-being and long lives of their respective husbands on the auspicious occasion of Savitri Puja, this special fast was observed by the transgenders in Cuttack with great devotion and dedication.

Notably, around 30 transgenders gathered and went to pray in the Samaleswari temple situated in Shankarpur area of Cuttack. Properly dressed up for the occasion, they carried the required materials for the puja and reached the temple early in the morning.

“Women observe this fast for their husbands and we do it for our gurus, for their well-being and long life,” informed Shital Kinnar.

“We celebrated this occasion along with the other ladies of the locality. Along with the well being of our guru, we also pray for the society. We also wish that the society accepts us as we are also humans,” said Mithi Kinnar.

This puja is associated with the married Indian women across India which they perform for the long life of their husbands. It is particularly observed in Maharashtra, Orissa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Women in South India such as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu observe the holiday under a different name as Karadaiyan Nonbu.


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