SCB Expansion: Self-Evacuation By Temple Authorities Gets Appreciated

Cuttack: The temple authorities of Jobra’s Trinath temple and Mangala temple were seen evacuating idols and other belongings from the temple premises, today in wake of upcoming expansion of the SCB Medical College and Hospital campus.

Ahead of the eviction on Wednesday as declared by the SCB, the temple Managers/Organizers self-evacuated the temple premises. The effort was greatly appreciated by the SCB development team. The temples are placed near the CESU office at Jobra.

Central Range Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) Anil Kumar Samal informed that people are co-operating the eviction drive which will continue for few more days. First and foremost aim of the administration is to free the Taladanda Canal, besides, to remove the unauthorised encroachers from the SCB Hospital premises.

As per survey, there are around 454 houses of slum dwellers on both sides of the canal along with 88 unauthorised shopping units. Besides, there are 42 authorised shops of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) out of which 12 have been demolished and remaining will meet the same fate if needed.

Around 17 club houses and religious structures along with 14 street vendors will also be removed during the eviction drive. The administration has set a target to clear both sides of Taladanda Canal by month end, said the RDC.

Briefing on the rehabilitation measures, Samal informed that the slum dwellers will be provided with Rs 50,000 compensation and 15X15 land near Nimpur on the banks of Birupa River with all basic amenities. They will be provided food and shelter in tent houses for eight days and the CMC has arranged for transportation of their belongings.

Authorised shop owners will be provided Rs 1 lakh compensation and given priority to set up a shop at the vending zone. Rs 30,000 compensation will be provided to unauthorised shop owners and Rs 20,000 to street vendors and stable/shed owners. Temple administrations will be provided up to Rs 1 lakh compensation depending on the size of the temple.

Samal further informed that 13 official quarters of SCB doctors will also be demolished for the expansion of the hospital. A dargah in the area will also be demolished and its authorities will be provided with adequate assistance.

While the eviction drive is a challenging job for the district administration, the package declared by the State Government for the same has been accepted by public and they are cooperating. Package has also been declared for acquisition of private land needed for the expansion purpose, he added.

Anil Samal, RDC, Cuttack


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