School Kids Join Traffic DCP In Creating Traffic Awareness

Cuttack: As the nation is observing 31st Road Safety Week, several school children joined Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Traffic DCP Sagarika Nath and other Traffic officials today in creating awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations here.

About 200-250 kids from 10-12 schools armed with placards and posters joined in a three km rally that started from Khan Nagar Park to Badambadi Chaka and then took a roundabout which ended at Khan Nagar Park. Leading from the front was DCP Sagarika Nath and other senior traffic officials and several traffic constables.

Following the triple-E concept of Education, Enforcement and engineering she said that this week is all about Education and will attempt to educate as many people as possible.

Speaking about the active participation of the school children she said, “I am very happy to see the enthusiasm and eagerness of the kids. They also seem to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations; we hope the same could be said about the adults of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar.”

Talking about the much-debated amended Motor Vehicles Act (2019), she said, “This is a rule made a Government elected by us and hence the rule is indirectly made by us. We must not follow rules simply because we have to but rather because we must. Accidents don’t send out an invitation before occurring and hence we must at all times be careful.”

Keeping with the 31st Road Safety Week, a blood donation camp was organised in Bhubaneswar by the Traffic Wing of Commissionerate Police to create awareness on road safety. Leading by example Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi, Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Kumar Sahoo and Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Traffic DCP Sagarika Nath donated blood. They were followed by several journalists, social activists and students.

Sagarika Nath, Traffic DCP, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack


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