Second Phase KALIA Assistance From April 1: Odisha CM

**Nuapada: ** While over 20 lakh farmers of the State, eligible for getting the benefits under Odisha Government’s KALIA scheme, have already reaped the benefits in the intital phases by receiving the assured first dose of financial assistance since January 25 this year, the Second Phase KALIA benefits will be given from April 1 (Utkal Diwas).

This was announced by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik here today while gracing the convention of farmers, Mission Shakti and other beneficiaries.

After Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik: “You all know about the KALIA Yojana. It’s the Yojana of the farmers as well as yours. It’s a historic step for the development of farmers.”

“Our KALIA Yojana has paved path for the entire country. It’s for the small farmers, sharecroppers, landless farmers and agricultural labourers. Above 20 lakh farmers have received the KALIA assistance. Second phase KALIA assistance will be give from April 1,” he announced.

He assured, “I have kept a hawk eye to ensure that not a single eligible beneficiary farmer is deprived of reaping the KALIA benefits. For the children of the farmers, we have implemented KALIA Scholarship Yojana. Hence, nicely educate your children and make them doctors, engineers and scientists. The State Government will bear the whole expenses.”

The Odisha Chief Minister also stated, “You all know about the Centre’s KISAN Yojana. It has no benefits for the small farmers, sharecroppers and landless farmers. Thus, I have demanded before the Prime Minister for including them all in the KISAN Yojana. Instead of assisting the farmers with Rs 6,000, pay them Rs 10,000. Give the farmers the due rights.”

“You all know that Odisha Government is providing loan facility to the farmers at zero percent interest. Also the Mission Shakti beneficiaries are being provided with zero percent interest laon. You should all reap the benefits. Our motto is empowerment of the farmers, women and youths. Their empowerment is the identity of new Odisha,” he asserted.

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