Sex Video Clip Has Links With Rishi Murder: Friends

**Bhubaneswar**: Giving a new turn to the controversial Rishi death case, two of his friends on Thursday told media that their friend’s death has links with the sex video clip which has gone viral in a website and also uploaded in the YouTube.

The two friends of the deceased also said if enough police protection will be provided to them, then they will reveal more about the mysterious death assisting the investigating team.

“If a thorough probe is launched, the mystery behind the Rishi death could be ascertained and people involved could be known,” one of the duo said with face being covered.

He added the police know everything as influential people are involved in the Sex Scandal Video case.

“Rishi told me twice if the secret stored in the mobile phone gets out, there will be a threat to his life. As far as I know the death was due to the CD,” his friend claimed.

Another friend of the deceased said Rishi is not a drug addict. So there is no truth in the theory of drug overdose behind his premature death.

Recalling an incident of a meeting with Rishi, he said: “We had gone to Shastri Nagar on a Scooty where Rishi had come on his bike. He (Rishi) then called up his girl friend who reached the meeting spot and handed over the mobile phone.”