Sexual Selfie Video Of Odisha’s Top Fashion Institute Girl Student Goes Viral

**Balasore:** The menace of [sexual videos](https://www.ommcomnews.com/public/sex-video-of-odisha-s-tv-show-winner-goes-viral) going viral on social media do not seem to end in Odisha as the most recent is a sexual video shot in a selfie mode by a student of Odisha’s top fashion institute. The most alarming fact in the whole incident is that how a video shot for personal fun-sake dribbled into the web of social media.

Did she share it with someone else (most probably her boyfriend) who leaked the video or was the data retrieved and made viral by some mobile phone repairing shop or workshop in which her phone would have been gone for fixing? These questions loom large in the minds of the people in Odisha who are fed up with the increasing number of such videos going viral on a regular basis.

Though there are numerous steps taken by Odisha Police to put an end to this menace, DGP Sharma had earlier issued advisory to all the district SPs and public to check circulation of such videos on the internet.

The police seem to be helpless in this regard as the viral sex video menace is resurfacing on a regular basis from different parts of Odisha, making all the efforts of the police to stop it in vain.

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