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She Became IAS Officer To Bring Her Father’s Murderers To Justice

08 October 2017

Hrushikesh Mishra

Bhubaneswar: This tale is about the extreme struggles of a woman whose name is enough to send chills down the spine of criminals. Kinjal Singh’s story is no less poetic than that of a Bollywood film. The girl who lost her father in a fake police encounter in her childhood, went through extraordinary struggles and hardships to become an IAS officer and bring the murderers to justice.

Kinjal’s father KP Singh was serving as the district Deputy Superintendent of Police (DCP) when he was shot dead by his own colleagues in Gonda in 1982. The honest DCP had come to know that his colleagues were involved in bribery and corruption. The culprits hatched a conspiracy to kill Singh as they knew that he may expose them any day.

Kinjal was just six-month-old and her sister was still in her mother’s womb at that time. Her widowed mother Vibha Singh kept fighting a long legal battle against her husband’s murderers while raising her children with her limited income.

Kinjal and her younger sister Pranjal put all their energy into studies. Kinjal excelled in academics through her childhood and moved to Delhi for higher studies. Here is when she came to know that her mother was suffering from cancer and will soon die.

Kinjal, who had already lost her father, witnessed her mother slipping into the jaws of death at the dawn of her adulthood.

But the brave heart worked hard to be successful in the UPSC exam, and then helped her younger sister become an IAS officer. The sisters continued to carry their father’s murder case forward with all their efforts.

Finally, after 31 years of struggle, on June 5th, 2013 the CBI special court in Lucknow sentenced three policemen to death and held 18 cops responsible for the killing DSP KP Singh.

Determination of Kinjal and Pranjal shook the entire judicial system of India. They not only fulfilled their mother’s dream by getting justice for their father, but also set an example for others with their success story.