Shocking: 5 Incidents Of Minors Committing Suicide On Sudden Impulse

**Bhubaneswar:** Being a teenager in this modern age is a raging battle in itself. The teenagers are more emotional than rational, more impulsive than logical, more passionate and enthusiastic than sensible. Being up to date with the latest trends, getting along with your peers and maintaining a constant good grade can sometimes take a toll on even the best of people. This period of intense physical, mental, emotional and intellectual growth is the most important time in a person’s life as it forms habits to last a lifetime.

They tend to magnify small things and think intensely on incidents affecting them. Their constant need to be recognized, accepted and liked in their peer group is one of the main reasons behind their intense behaviour. If their wants are not fulfilled, or they are not allowed to do whatever they wish for, these kids take extreme steps impulsively without giving a second thought to the long-term effects of their actions.

Teenage suicides have become common and many a times, they are committed for whimsical reasons. We have compiled few such incidents of teenage suicides, when the children thought it better to die than to deal with the situation sanely.

**1: Class VII Girl Commits Suicide After Denied ‘Raja’ Dress In Odisha**

‘Raja’ is a festival where young girls put on new dress and make merry with their friends. But nowadays, this festival has a materialistic tilt and girls compete amongst themselves regarding clothes, new gadgets, beautiful jewellery and much more. This Std VII girl of Kendrapada distict in Odisha allegedly committed suicide as her father was unable to bring her a new dress this year.

**Read:** [Class VII Girl Commits Suicide After Denied ‘Raja’ Dress In Odisha](https://www.ommcomnews.com/odisha-news/class-vii-girl-commits-suicide-after-denied-raja-dress-in-odisha)

**2: Suicide By Class IX Student Over Cricket Bat**

A Std-IX student of Mayurbhanj district had asked his father to get him a cricket bat. Though his father assured him to get one, he had delayed it. The young boy chose to end his life rather than waiting for the cricket bat.

**Read:** [Suicide By Class IX Student Over Cricket Bat](https://www.ommcomnews.com/odisha-news/suicide-by-class-ix-student-over-cricket-bat)

**3: For Rs 30 This School Boy Commits Suicide**

A 14-yr-old school boy was falsely alleged of stealing Rs 30 from an eatery-joint and was thrashed by the owner. He was even insulted and humiliated in public. Unable to bear such insult, the boy committed suicide by consuming poison.

**Read:** [For Rs 30 This School Boy Commits Suicide](https://www.ommcomnews.com/odisha-news/for-rs-30-this-school-boy-commits-suicide)

**4: 14-Yr-Old Delhi School Girl Kills Self, Blames ‘Tormentor’ Teacher**

A Class 7 student hanged herself from a ceiling fan on December 1, leaving a note behind stating that relentless humiliation and rebuke from her school teacher led her to take this extreme step.

**Read:** [Delhi Girl Kills Self, Blames ‘Tormentor’ Teacher](https://www.ommcomnews.com/india-news/delhi-girl-kills-self-blames-tormentor-teacher)

**5: ACP’s Minor Son Commits Suicide In Bhubaneswar**

The recent suicide of the 12-yr-old son of ACP Sanjeev Satpathy has sent shock waves throughout the State. He was found hanging form a ceiling fan in his room at his father’s official residence in Bhubaneswar’s Jayadev Vihar. Though the exact reason is yet to be ascertained, he was playing a game on his mobile phone, and his mother has asked him to sleep around midnight after chiding his pets out of his room.

**Read:** [Bhubaneswar ACP’s Minor Son Commits Suicide](https://ommcomnews.com/odisha-news/bhubaneswar-acp-s-minor-son-commits-suicide)

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