Shocking! Sorcerer Bites Woman In Malkangiri To Cure Fever

Malkangiri: Superstitions and blind faith still plague people’s mindset in India. In far off villages, people let superstitious beliefs get in the way of their well-being. One such instance has emerged from tribal-dominated Malkangiri’s Kalimela block.

Dule Beti (38) of Urmaguda village in Telarai panchayat had been suffering from high fever over the last three days. She also showed signs of shivering and intense stomach ache. Instead of visiting a doctor, she went to a local sorcerer named Kosa Beti.

After performing rituals in the local language, Dule was given a herbal potion by Kosa. He also fanned her body with a peacock feather. Then, to everyone’s shock, he started biting Dule in different areas of her body to cure her fever.

When asked, Kosa swore that he had cured victims of dog bites and snake bites using the same method. Meanwhile, some locals alleged that medical teams did not reach their village so they have no option. On the other hand, Anganwadi workers said that superstition still prevailed in the village for which many lose their lives as they rush for proper medical help only at the last moment.

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