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Siblings Kill Uncle-Aunt Over Property Distribution In Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda: In a shocking turn of events five siblings got together to kill their uncle and aunt and then burnt their bodies to hide their crime. Last night, police arrested the five accused siblings.

The deceased have been identified as Giribar Das and Geeta Disar. The incident occurred in Punjabi Dharada under Rampur Police Outpost in Jharsuguda on Friday (October 16).

As per police reports, the accused persons namely Deepak Das Peneka, Rahul Das Peneka, Miran Das Peneka, Sunita Das Peneka and Supriya Das Peneka. The siblings were reportedly upset over property distribution between the families and planned the murder.

On the fateful day, the siblings accosted Giribar who was alone at the home. They attacked him with an iron rod and sharpened weapons. Later, when accused Rahul met Geeta, who was on her way home, that Giribar has been bit by a dog and is serious. When they reached home, Geeta too was attacked in a similar manner.

To cover-up their crime they set the bodies of their uncle and aunt on fire using coal and fled the scene.

The deceased’s kids upon returning home found the house with their parents up in smoke. They immediately alerted the neighbours and also sought their devious cousins’ help. Upon intimation, the local police and fire service personnel doused the fire.

Jharsuguda SP Rahul PR, Brajrajnagar SDPO Dileep Das, Rampur PS IIC Rashmita Behera along with other officials with a forensic team inspected the crime scene. Even though the preliminary investigation pointed towards death due to burning, the blood splashes in the house raised their suspicion.

On further investigation, the accused siblings confessed to their crimes. They have been put under arrest and will be forwarded to court soon.

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