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Silver Cladding Of Puri Jagannath Temple Doors: Officials & Servitors Discuss Modalities

Puri: Senior officials of Puri Jagannath temple administration led by Administrator (Development), Ajay Kumar Jena today met here to discuss the modalities of silver cladding of doors in the shrine. Eight doors / gates of Mahalaxmi Temple, Maa Bimala Temple, Aadi Nrusingha Temple, and Sata Pahacha, Bhoga Mandapa, Beheran Dwar, Jaya Bijaya Dwar and Kalaahat Dwar will be draped with silver.

According to official sources, around 2.5 tonnes of silver will be required for the purpose. A team of the temple administration has already begun the coating work of silver on the three gates – the Beharana Dwara of the main temple, facing the Mukti Mandap, Jaya-Vijaya Dwara of Jagamohan and Kalahata Dwara, facing the sanctum sanctorum.

Today, the officials and senior Temple servitors discussed matters like the design, construction site and whether more gates will be cladded with silver in the future. Priority will be laid on Jaya Bijaya Dwar, Kalahata Dwar and Beharana Dwar, Daitapati Nijog’s Secretary Durgaprasad Das Mohapatra said.

“The silver cladding work will be done on the premises of the Niladri Bhakta Nivas. We will begin with Sata Pahacha Dwar so that in case there are any technical issues, precautions can be taken before cladding the other gates. During Rath Yatra period, silver cladding of Kalahaat Dwar, Jaya Bijaya Dwar and Beheran Dwar will be carried out,” Jena said after the meeting.

Durgaprasad Das Mohapatra, Secretary, Daitapati Nijog

Ajay Kumar Jena, Devlopment Administrator, SJTA


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