Single Culprit Suspected Behind Cuttack City Serial Killings, Homeless Are Targets: Police Commissioner

Cuttack: In the wake of three murders committed in two consecutive days and the victims are being easy preys since they have been found to be homeless and roadside sleepers, Twin City Police Commissioner today pointed finger at a single perpetrator, assumed to be a psychopath, going by the modus operandi.

All the three bodies in pool of blood have been seized by police from the roadside and the wounds are of same nature as revealed by the prima facie investigation.

In his media reactions today, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty said, “Yesterday’s report was from Ranihat. Today we have two more reports, one is from Chauliaganj and another from Mangalabag police limits. In the Chauliaganj case, the victim has been attacked while sleeping on the footpath. He has been identified as one Panda who serves water in the shop. The second case is in front of Cardiology. The identity of the victim is yet to be known by us.”

“The three murders appear to be committed by a single perpetrator because the wounds have been inflicted by a single type of weapon. The murders are suspected to be committed after midnight and between 2-3 am when there is no eye witness. In all these cases, the targets are the homeless sleeping on roadside. Hence, it could be assumed to be the handiwork of a psychopath. Till not apprehended, can’t claim it in certain,” he mentioned.

He further stated, “Now we have planned to put in action 2-3 steps. Those who are sleeping on roadside will be made aware. All of them will be asked to sleep together at a single spot guarded by police for their safety. Secondly, we will seek the cooperation of various local clubs and puja committees. We request them to provide us with some of their youth members who will be associated with our night patrol teams.”

The case has been taken up very seriously and we’re trying our level best to detect soon. Psychopath killing or murder is always a challenge. But, we are confident of nabbing the culprit,” the Police Commissioner averred.