‘Snana Purnima’ Of Trinity Enthralls Devotees From Across The World

**Puri:** With the ‘Snana Purnima’, the much awaited special and sacred annual festival of Lord Jagannath begun, the devotees visiting the pilgrim city got enthralled with this spectacular ritual. They thronged to the pious city from all parts of the world to witness this annual festivity.

The rituals were solemnized early according to the decision taken by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA). Pahandi of the holly trinity began early.

“I have been here to witness the grand ‘Snana Purnima’ of the Lords. It is just a majestic view. The late night ‘Pahandi’ or the procession in which the idols are brought to the Snana Mandap is also worth a view. I have come to pay my regards and beg for my good health,” said an elderly devotee.

Another devotee from Kolkata expressed his happiness over the visit. He said, “Every year, I make it a point to visit Puri during ‘Snana Purnima’. The happiness and contentment it gives to one’s mind is indescribable. I am yet to understand the mystery behind it. It is the annual bathing ritual of the Lord of the Universe after which he falls ill. The devotees cannot get his glimpse of the Trinity for the next 15 days.”

There was a young devotee who was overwhelmed with joy with the darshan. With eyes moist out of devotion, she cried out, “ It is just the mercy of the Lord that I am able to have a darshan of ‘Kalia’ this year. It was raining so heavily that I thought I would miss this spectacle this year, by my Lord made all the arrangements and I was able to witness His Snana today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pray for the wellness of all.”

After the Snana Yatra, the deities are kept away from public view for fifteen days and during all these days the daily rites of the temple remain suspended. Then the major annual sojourn of the Trinity ‘Rath Yatra’ is conducted.


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