Some MPs, Ex-MPs, MLAs Also From BJD In Touch For Joining BJP: Jual Oram

**Bhubaneswar:** Prior to the BJP National Executive meeting slated in Odisha on April 15-16, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram on Tuesday dropped a bombshell by revealing that some MPs, ex-MPs and MLAs of other parties including BJD are in touch and wishing to joining BJP.

Speaking to the reporters the senior BJP leader said, “BJD is going through a serious internal conflict. We have no role in it. After losing the election in 1995, Janata Dal had gone through similar conflict in 1997-98. Some of their MPs, ex-MPs, MLAs are in touch with us and after our victory in four out of five states in the recently concluded assembly elections, some of them want to join BJP.”

BJD spokesperson Pratap Deb countered, “Prior to issuing such statements, the Union Minister should review the results of the four States. If he reviews properly, the outcome would emerge that he (BJP) has been wiped out in Punjab and Goa. There was no popular mandate in their favour. They formed government in Goa, that’s different. His statement that many BJD MPs and MLAs are in touch with BJP for joining is a mere media fiction. He is trying to circulate in Odisha through media appealing the leaders of other parties to join BJP. Joining a party depends on the person concerned. In a democracy nobody can stop it. As a spokesperson of our party and so far the information is concerned, no one from our party is joining BJP.”


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